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Frequently asked Questions - FAQs

Q. I have only recently arrived in England from abroad and have not yet opened a Bank Account, but I do have a job offer.

A. In this instance we would require at least three month’s rent paid in advance plus a 2 month’s deposit, a reference from your prospective employer, a character reference, a copy of your passport and a Bank reference once the account has been opened.

Q. I am self-employed and do not have the usual employer’s reference - what other documentation would I need?

A. You will require a Guarantor. They will need to be a UK home owner (proof of which is required, i.e. a Mortgage Statement and Land Registry Report). A Bank Reference will also be required on the Guarantor and a copy of their Passport.

Q. I have had problems with a previous Landlord and did not get my deposit back. How do I know if this will not happen again?

A. We are members of http://www.mydeposits.co.uk/. By law all deposits are now protected so this can no longer happen.

Q. Can I renew my Tenancy once the initial six months period has expired?

A. It is usually not a problem to renew the tenancy (subject to having conducted your Tenancy satisfactorily); however, we would always have to obtain confirmation of this from the Landlords.

Q. Do I have to give two months notice if I want to leave before the end of my tenancy?

A. You cannot vacate during the first six months of your tenancy; however, you may give us notice after the fourth month to bring the Tenancy to an end. Should you wish to renew for a further six months, you are at liberty to give two months notice at any time.

Q. What if I am sharing a flat and I have to leave, but my friends want to stay?

A. It would be your responsibility to find a tenant to replace you. The usual references would be required on the new tenant and an Administration Fee will apply. Where several people are sharing a property the tenants are “jointly and severally responsible”. This means that each tenant is liable for any breach of the Agreement and for payment of the rent.

Q. I have a maintenance issue in my property e.g. no hot water or heating, no electricity, appliance not working?

A. Fill out the maintenance request for.